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Why Eating at a Teppanyaki Bar in Gold Coast Is So Exciting

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Enjoy the entertainment
Teppanyaki grille dining for Lunch or Dinner 7 days

What is it about teppanyaki that you like? When you visit a teppanyaki bar on the Gold Coast, such as Asami Teppanyaki & Cocktail Bar, you will be able to sit around a table with your loved ones, watch a talented chef cook your lunch, and enjoy an unforgettable meal. Not only is the atmosphere enjoyable, but the food is delicious.

In this article, we have put together a few reasons to visit a teppanyaki bar that specialises in this fun cooking method. Read on to learn why visiting a teppanyaki restaurant is so exciting.

Countless Choices

When dining at a teppanyaki restaurant, you have the option of selecting from a wide range of meats and vegetables to make the meal of your dreams. Asami Teppanyaki & Cocktail Bar keeps their kitchen filled with the freshest seafood and the best quality beef, chicken, and pork, as well as Japanese vegetables and spices.

Healthy Options

When you are trying to lose weight, it can be difficult to decide where to eat when you are out with friends. A teppanyaki is an excellent option since it is much healthier than other alternatives. Although the meat and vegetables are cooked in oil, they are sauteed rather than being fully immersed in it.

If you are concerned about the high-fat content of other foods, you can also opt for lighter proteins like salmon and tofu.

Good news for our vegan friends (and those who do not like vegetables): More vegetables at a teppanyaki bar!

This does not seem to be an advantage, but many people do not eat as many vegetables as they should. In some cases, it is because they have grown tired of bland, easily made vegetable dishes and are searching for something more interesting.

It would taste so much better if anyone takes fruits, adds sauces, and mixes in your favourite proteins while demonstrating excellent knifework. This is preferable to eating bland vegetables like boiled broccoli and steamed carrots. As you can see, there are many advantages to dining at teppanyaki restaurants.

If you are looking for a way to up your veggie intake, participate in a free, engaging show, and find a place where everyone you know can find something they will enjoy on the menu, this is definitely a choice you should consider.

If you are in Surfers Paradise and want to dine at an authentic teppanyaki bar on the Gold Coast, Asami Teppanyaki & Cocktail Bar is the place to go.

Open Kitchen

When you eat at other restaurants, you have to make some educated guesses about how your food was cooked. A teppanyaki restaurant will be ideal for those who are concerned about food safety and other preparation issues. This is due to the fact that everything is cooked right in front of your eyes on a big grill.

The open kitchen serves as a source of entertainment as well as being transparent about preparation.

Free Show

Although most people go out to dinner and look for other ways to entertain themselves, going to a teppanyaki bar in Gold Coast combines all of this into one spectacular performance. Not only does the chef prepare the food with care, but many of them even try their hardest to entertain you when doing so.

A couple of things you should look forward to are juggling cooking instruments and throwing food into your mouth from afar. You will not have to pay for a film or display individually, which means you will be able to save some money.

Top Chefs

Asami Teppanyaki's chefs are the pride and joy of the restaurant. Our team of expert and skilled chefs has been handpicked by our directors and trained for many years to become masters of their craft so that you can taste the best in Japanese cuisine.

Every now and then, our chefs return to their homelands to reconnect with their Asian heritage and cooking practices, while also sourcing the best recipes available and reinventing them to produce a menu that is authentic, inspiring, and modern.

You can expect to be entertained while watching our chefs prepare your meal. Their abilities are unlike anything you will find in a typical restaurant, and the thrilling, interactive experience will keep you coming back to dine with us again and again.

Endless Entertainment

There is more to a night out at a teppanyaki restaurant than just the food. If you have never eaten at a restaurant like this before, you must visit Asami Teppanyaki & Cocktail Bar. Bring your friends and family and plan to be seated around a chef as they prepare your meal, demonstrate some tricks, and put it on a display for the entire table.


When you are with a group—be it family, friends, or colleagues, it can be difficult to decide where to eat, particularly if everyone has different tastes.

Do you go to a steakhouse and make the vegetarians in your party eat sides? Will you go to a seafood restaurant even though some of your mates are against it? A teppanyaki bar is a fantastic choice because it allows everyone to personalise their meal. This means that fish lovers, carnivores, and vegans will all dine together in the same establishment.

Furthermore, the menu is so diverse that you are unlikely to have the same meal twice.

For a Unique and Exciting Dining Experience, Visit Asami Teppanyaki & Cocktail Bar!

From our displays of roaring fire to the thrilling teppanyaki performance put on by our master chefs, Asami Teppanyaki truly defies the norm.

Relax and enjoy your meal while watching our professional chefs cook it in a theatrical way. Our teppanyaki dishes are cooked on a traditional, blazing hotplate, where we combine our awe-inspiring performance with masterful trickery to create some of the most delectable Japanese dishes right here at our teppanyaki bar in Gold Coast.

Visit Asami Teppanyaki & Cocktail Bar to spice up your night with a teppanyaki feast. Call (07) 5504 6158 to make orders! You can also browse our menu online to find out more!

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