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The Best Cocktail Bars Near Me: Surfers Paradise

We have a large range of cocktails available

After a long day at the beach, one of the best things to do is to get a drink with your friends. And in a place like Surfers Paradise, you are sure to find some of the best cocktail bars.

If you are tired of looking up “cocktail bars near me”, maybe this list could be a big help to you. In this article, we list some of the best cocktail bars in Surfers Paradise.

What Makes a Good Cocktail Bar?

One of the common places people hang around is cocktail bars. People come here to relax, have fun, get a few drinks and have great conversations with their peers. It's always nice to have a place where you can sit back and enjoy your time with your friends.

But just being an establishment that serves drinks does not make a good cocktail bar. Many factors can make or break a place’s reputation. If you are looking for a good cocktail bar, here are a few things you need to consider:


Wherever you go, you must always expect good service. No matter how casual or low-end the place is, service must always be good. This means a good cocktail bar should have attentive and friendly staff. They can make your experience truly memorable.

You would be lucky if you find a place that goes above and beyond with the way they care for their customers. If you don’t like the service, is it a place you would want to come back to?


The reason people come to cocktail bars is to relax and have a good time. After a long and hectic day, everyone deserves to just sit back and enjoy the company of their peers. But it’s hard to relax if you aren’t comfortable in the establishment.

Is it chilling if you aren’t comfortable? The atmosphere of the cocktail bar is a big factor in determining if it is a place that suits you. You can take the music, the lighting, and the decor into consideration.


The main reason people come to cocktail bars is to get some refreshing drinks. And for a cocktail bar, having great cocktails is always expected.

One way to know if a cocktail bar is great is if they serve something unique. Don't just try drinks that you are used to, order something new and see if you find something you like.

Bar Patrons

You can tell if the place is a good one based on the patrons they attract. They can affect how you feel about the cocktail bar. If other customers are too loud, your experience may become a bad one. Find a place where the patrons are respectful, and you are sure to have a grand old time.


Another thing that can help you decide if the cocktail bar is good is if you think the overall experience is worth it. They may serve good drinks and have exceptional service, but is it worth the amount you pay? If you feel like you are paying too much for what you are getting, that might not be the place for you.

Best Cocktail Bars in Surfers Paradise

There is nothing like getting a drink to cap off the night. But it can be a bust if you end up drinking at a not-so-desirable place. That is why you need to make sure you find the best spots in Surfers Paradise. If you are still struggling to find “cocktail bars near me”, here is a list of spots that can help you decide where to get your tipple:

The Island Rooftop

When it comes to cocktails, The Island Rooftop is one of Surfers Paradise's pride. Being the largest open-air rooftop bar on the Gold Coast, you can be sure to get great drinks with a stunning view. This cocktail bar has an unrivalled atmosphere that is sure to make your experience one for the books.

Hyde Paradiso

The best cocktails should be paired with the right mood. That is what they offer at Hyde Paradiso. Experience a European summer at the heart of Surfers Paradise. And you won’t be disappointed by the size of the drinks they serve because they promise cocktails that are good for sharing.

Surfers Paradise Beer Garden

One of the legendary places in Surfers Paradise, this cocktail bar is the best spot for beer lovers. And with its prime location, you can be sure to get one hell of an experience here. Socialise, play games, and enjoy your favourite drink under the warm Gold Coast sun here at the Beer Garden.

White Rhino

Good food and great drinks? You can have all that at White Rhino. This two-story restaurant and bar is complete with lush greenery, so you can enjoy your drink with a great view. Located at the heart of Surfers Paradise, this place offers a unique take on all your beloved classics, not to mention a wide selection for you to choose from.

BOBs Beer

For a unique drinking experience, you can try out BOBs Beer, the first and only brewery in Surfers Paradise. All their in-house beers are brew with the finest, locally-sourced ingredients. With a sophisticated twist on French, Japanese, and Australian flavours, you can expect some of the best drinks from BOBs Beer.

Duke’s Parlour

In a place called Surfers Paradise, it should be no question that the father of modern surfing should be recognized. Duke’s Parlour is a mark of The Duke’ Kahanamoku’s legacy. This is a great place to enjoy amazing cocktails, paired with live music to lift your spirits.


If you are looking to chill out by the beachfront, Sandbar is the place for you. With beer taps and bottled options, you are sure to get a good time here.


And who could forget Asami? Asami is more than just a cocktail bar, it’s a teppanyaki restaurant where you and your friends can chill out and have fun. Here, you don’t just get good food and drinks, you get a full experience. We have a wide array of cocktails for you to choose from. For a fun dining and drinking experience, come to Asami.

Get a Drink Now!

It's time to stop looking for other spots to chill at. You no longer need to search any “cocktail bars near me” and just pick from this list. You are sure to find the place that suits you.

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