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Cocktail Bar Near Me

  Liven Up Your Day – Get Teppanyaki on the Gold Coast

Whether you live near the Gold Coast of Australia or are there on vacation, you can make any day outstanding by going to a restaurant that cooks and serves teppanyaki style. Teppanyaki on the Gold Coast offers more than standard Japanese cuisine. It also includes local favorites like Moreton Bay bugs, lobster tail, and chicken. This makes it so that it's easy to find offerings that suit your tastes.


Since Teppanyaki Gold Coast is an entertaining spectacle, and not just another type of food, it's a good idea to bring a large group along. You'll get entertainment for everyone by being able to watch the chef, who prepares and cooks the food on a teppanyaki grill right at your table. His fancy work with the knife and other tools will have everyone's eyes glued to the scene. At Asami Teppanyaki, the experience is further enhanced by banquet preparations that include huge varieties of meats and vegetables, along with fried or steamed rice.


You may be surprised to find that Asami Teppanyaki also comes up if you ask about a "cocktail bar near me" on your trip. It's true – the establishment has a well-stocked cocktail bar that offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The latter selection makes it great for groups with designated drivers, children, or anyone else who prefers not to have alcohol during their outing. Meanwhile, our regular drinks include both Japanese standards and Australian favorites.


Teppanyaki Gold Coast is a form of Japanese restaurant, but it is not the same as one that goes by that generic name. The name "teppanyaki" refers to the flat grill that is brought to the table for cooking, and this is the basis of what distinguishes it from a sushi bar or other type of Japanese eatery. What really sets it apart, though, is the showy way the chef prepares the food. It is so captivating that it is a form of entertainment, and this is one of the big reasons that a teppanyaki restaurant is so popular among vacationers as well as locals.


If you find Asami Teppanyaki through a search for "cocktail bar near me," you may not initially be ready to enjoy one of our lunches or dinners. However, we invite you to look around as you enjoy your drinks, and catch a glimpse of the main event – teppanyaki cooking. We're sure that you'll want to come back with your stomachs empty so that you can enjoy seeing it up close at your own table. We're also sure that you'll love eating the delicious results.

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