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9 Hamilton Ave

Surfers Paradise
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Welcome to

Asami Teppanyaki Q1

Restaurant Cocktail Bar

Surfers Paradise Gold Coast



Where you always dine with your personal chef  cooking and  Entertaining you

Takeaway and Free Deliveries 07 55046158  *Minimum order $70 for Delivery service 

Asami Lunch/Dinner

Takeaway Promo!

Teppanyaki Chicken Rice Bowl- $17.90

Teppanyaki Vegetable Rice Bowl- $17.90

Teppanyaki Beef Rice Bowl- $18.90

Teppanyaki Lamb Rice Bowl- $18.90

Teppanyaki Scallops Rice Bowl- $19.90

Teppanyaki Prawns Rice Bowl- $19.90

Grilled Salmon Rice Bowl- $19.90

Grilled Burramundi Rice Bowl- $19.90

Grilled Tuna Rice Bowl- $19.90

Teppanyaki Lobster Rice Bowl- $19.90

Teppanyaki Bugs Rice Bowl- $19.90

Teppanyaki Yakiudon Bowl- $17.90

Sauces: Teriyaki, Sweet Chilli, Chilli, Garlic
Pulled Adobo Pork

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Emperor Supreme- Fillet Mignon, Chicken, Salmon, Scallops $ Lobster Tail $86.90

Tokyo DE Luxe- Fillet Mignon, Chicken, Prawns, Salmon, Scallops         $78.90

Chef's Choice- Fillet Mignon, Prawns, Salmon, Scallops, Bugs   $76.90

Seafood Harmony- Salmon, Prawns, Scallops, Bugs         $59.90

Rising Paradise- Fillet Mignon, Salmon, Prawns, Scallops     $55.90

Turf & Sea- Fillet Mignon, Chicken, Scallops         $55.90

Samurai Delight- Fillet Mignon, Chicken & Prawns   $54.90

Asami's Treat- Fillet Mignon, Chicken        $48.90

Surfer's Special- Chicken, Prawns $46.90


Asami Banquets