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What Makes Our Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant Different from Other Restaurants?

As a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant that has been operating for a while, Asami Teppanyaki already knows how difficult it is to build a reputation. There is always a new restaurant, food trend, or technological advancement that grabs diners' attention. Now, what makes us stand out in such a crowded and fast-paced world?

We have tried various ways to differentiate our restaurant from our competitors and make it stand out in a meaningful way. We have put together some of these ways in this article to help find out how we got our loyal, long-term customers.

We Are a Trendsetter

In terms of restaurant décor, operation, or dining choices, there is always a new trend. We know that being aware of these patterns and following them will not help us distinguish our company. So instead of pursuing the current patterns, we aspire to set them. We read our customers' minds and deduce what they want, even if they are not aware of it themselves.

The first thing we go about is that we figure out who our target clients are and what motivates them. For instance, the target market is a tech-savvy audience. We offer them modern cuisine, incorporating a cool new method of automatization into our restaurant. We also implement new technologies to resonate with this audience and start a trend.

While our approach may not be as effective if we have more popular competitors, knowing who our target consumers are and what they want (beyond just food) is crucial to being ahead of the curve in terms of generating rather than following trends.

We Engage on Social Media

Alternatively, instead of following a "reality" angle as mentioned above, we seek active social media interaction with customers.

We post possible new blogs on our website and solicit feedback from customers. We ask customers on Facebook what they would like to expect from our services. We also upload pictures of our customers for more engagement. In that way, our customer relationships grow deeper and stronger.

It surely takes time to create a social media following, as well as patience and effort. Since we have all that, we are able to come through.

We Give Back

Giving back is a fantastic way to support not only our community but also our company. The secret to standing out in our giving is that we carry it out quietly.

For certain clients, boasting about your good deeds can be a turn-off. People will respect what you do even more if you do it quietly and without making a big deal out of it because they will know it is driven by generosity rather than possible financial gain. Surprisingly, the more selfless the giving, the more valued it will be by those who do notice!

We Create a Community

At Asami Teppanyaki, we create a sense of community because we know it is a powerful way to set our restaurant apart and add value to our brand. The community we have created has helped tun our restaurant from a simple dining establishment to a gathering spot where people meet, eat, and socialise.

Businesses and repeat customers have made our Japanese teppanyaki restaurant a neighbourhood gathering spot. We have welcomed groups to meet in a backroom during non-peak hours for discussions.

Moreover, we allow customers to use our restaurants for special events. They hire our restaurant as a venue for functions, such as game nights where people create teams or a league, birthday parties, or even a simple family get-together.

Everyone is bound to order something when people are meeting. Even on days when we do not make a lot of money, we will get people to try our food through their community, and they could become frequent customers.

We Offer Truly Unique Specials

Every restaurant requires a solid regular menu. However, it is the specials that best distinguish a unique restaurant experience.

By customising our specials, we can provide exclusive meals that are unavailable in other restaurants. We have used local and unusual ingredients or recipes that you cannot find anywhere else. We also offer desserts that no other food places in the area have.

Offering genuinely one-of-a-kind specials is a perfect way to distinguish our restaurant while also providing great content for social media and local marketing.

We Deliver the Best Customer Service

Have you ever visited a restaurant where the staff takes great pride in their work and offers outstanding service? If you come to our Japanese teppanyaki restaurant, you will be aware of how unforgettable and special this experience is, as well as how eager you are to dine here again.

One of the ways that we have used to set our restaurant apart in this digital age is by having the best and most attentive service we can. With our unparalleled customer service (although it takes a lot of effort on our side), we can set our restaurant apart from the rest.

We have employed the best workers we can and devoted time to properly train them so that they can provide comprehensive and excellent customer service. Then, we treat each of them well. Good customer support is provided by a satisfied workforce. This makes our business really stand out.

If you are looking for a trusted Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant, choose Asami Teppanyaki!

Making our Japanese teppanyaki restaurant stand out is not all about flashy or gimmicky ads. To truly set our restaurant apart in the long run, we have looked for ways to enhance the dining experience and foster a sense of community among your patrons. We have set our restaurant apart from the competition by focusing on providing authentic, high-quality service, serving the best food possible, and getting to know our customers.

If you would like to have a unique and exceptional dining experience while eating your favourite Japanese cuisine, visit Asami Teppanyaki! You will be delighted to choose from a wide variety of food and desserts What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us at (07) 5504 6158 to make a reservation today!

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