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Must-Try Dishes from a Japanese Banquet Menu

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Vegetarian dish
Vast range of Banquet options

When you are presented with a feast, of course, you will want to try every dish available. There is nothing quite like eating all kinds of dishes in one sitting. But even in banquets, some dishes stand out among others. This is true when it comes to Japanese feasts.

If you want to get the best dining experience, you should know the dishes from a Japanese banquet menu that you should try.

Japanese Cuisine

When it comes to food and eating, the Japanese have a very rich culture. Now, as their influence has circled the globe, people have adapted and reinvented the Japanese dining experience. Although some factors of traditional Japanese banquets don’t apply to everyone, you can still taste the richness of their culture through their dishes.

In a Japanese banquet, you are sure to find dishes that don’t have a large fat content. Although this doesn’t mean they are completely fat-free, most Japanese dishes are known to be very light. They also emphasise vegetables like cucumbers and seaweed, but the addition of bonito flakes and the use of meat broth prevents them from being completely vegetarian.

Japanese cuisine has become known for its simplicity and respect for the ingredients. It highlights the use of fresh seasonal ingredients. Also, oil, garlic, and peppers aren’t even as often used in this type of cooking.

As you can see, there is so much to appreciate when it comes to Japanese food.

Must-Try Dishes in a Banquet

Food is something everyone enjoys. It not only strengthens your body but also lifts your spirits. When you eat good food, you don’t just get full, you also start to feel good as well. It's more than just satisfaction, there is a euphoria when flavours combine and create a symphony in your mouth.

If you are on a quest to find the best Japanese dishes, you should take a look at the must-try food in a Japanese banquet menu. We’ve listed some of these dishes below:

Moreton Bay Bugs

The name may scare you, but don’t be fooled, these bugs deserve to be tasted. If you want to try something new, then this is the perfect food for you. Cooked to perfection for you to enjoy. Together with other dishes, this could be your new favourite.


When it comes to fish, salmon is one of the most in-demand. This fish is hard to catch and hard to raise. So, if you get the chance to eat it at a Japanese banquet, you should go for it! This tasty fish is sure to delight your appetite.

Tender Chicken

One of everyone’s favourite food to eat is chicken. Who can say no to this tasty treat, especially if it is cooked to perfection? Lucky for you, there is always room for flavourful and tender chicken in a Japanese feast. There is more than one way to cook chicken, so don’t be surprised if you get served something that tingles your taste buds.

Filet Mignon

Japanese cuisine never goes wrong when it comes to flavour. So, in a banquet, don’t be surprised to see Filet Mignon being served. This tender beef dish is perfect to go with all the other specialties served at a banquet.

Lobster Tail

Another treasure from the sea is lobsters. They make look scary at first, but there is no denying that they pack a lot of flavours. You would be crazy not to try it out when it’s served in front of you. Packed with a lot of meat, you can have the meal of your life with lobster tails and more.


Looking for another seafood special? Don't miss out on scallops. This shellfish is known for its taste and texture. Not only that, scallops are made mostly of protein, contain a low number of calories, and are completely fat-free. This is great for anyone who wants guilt-free pleasure.


To complete the seafood fiasco, another treat you shouldn’t miss out on is prawns. Seafood like this is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want other meats to overpower the meal. Prawns have omega 3 and amino acids that are excellent for you.

Miso Soup

And what is a Japanese meal without miso soup? Japanese food is known for that umami taste, and miso soup is the epitome of that. This delicious soup is a staple in Japanese cuisine, not only because of how it tastes but also because of its health benefits. Miso soup is packed with a lot of probiotics that strengthen your body.

Fried Rice

It's hard to imagine Asian food without rice. What better way to level up this side dish by adding special ingredients to have mouthwatering fried rice? If you are eating a banquet, you better expect a classic dish like rice is turned into something special.

Grilled Vegetables

An all-meat banquet can become too heavy. Thankfully, there are lighter sides for you to choose from. To cut down on the meat, you can have grilled vegetables in your meal. Grilled vegetables can help you balance out the flavour and fattiness of the feast.

Banquets at Asami

If you are looking for the best Japanese banquet meals, look no further than Asami. Here, we have different choices of banquet meals to choose from. From a mix of different meats to all-seafood choices, you are sure to find what you like here.

We don’t just stick to one kind of banquet meal; we know that our guests want to try different dishes every time. When it comes to feasts, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. So, trust Asami to give you a tasty Japanese banquet experience.

Have a Meal at Asami Now!

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind Japanese banquet menu, the place for that is Asami. Here, we’ve got everything you are looking for in a teppanyaki restaurant.

The next time you crave good food and a great experience, come to Asami! You can book your reservations by calling us on (07) 5504 6158.

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