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Teppanyaki Restaurant Near Me

  Where Can You Find Teppanyaki in Gold Coast?

Here in Surfers Paradise, there are a few options that will come up when you search for "teppanyaki restaurant near me." Like any other type of restaurant, they are not all the same. Each one has its own ambience, menu items, and way of doing business. This makes it so that you should learn more about them before choosing one.


One excellent choice is the Asami Teppanyaki, a Q1 teppanyaki restaurant. Its proximity to the Q1 hotel makes it easy for visitors to the area to reach, and simple for local residents to remember. Here, you will experience the art of teppanyaki cooking, where food is cooked with entertaining flair right at your table. It is a form of art as much as food preparation, and provides a show for your entire group. All ages love to watch as teppanyaki chefs do their tricks and then serve you a fully-prepared meal at the end of the show!


Of course, the food is also delicious at this Q1 teppanyaki restaurant, and the menu offers many choices. Everything from basic chicken to wagyu beef and lobster tails are ready to be cooked and served. If you can't make up your mind, there's no worry – many of Asami's dishes contain multiple meats and seafoods!


When you come here for teppanyaki in Gold Coast, you can also rest easy bringing your kids along. Not only will they love the show, they'll love the delicious kid's menu featuring foods that are friendly to their taste buds. Even better for them is the thrill of ordering from the "mocktails" menu, which lets them enjoy alcohol-free cocktails that look just like the ones the grown-ups get. Like the foods, these involve tastes that kids love.


For the grown-ups, the extensive drink menu ensures that they won't feel left out of the fun. These drinks are the real thing, and range from sake to standard Australian favorites. For designated drivers and those who would prefer to avoid alcohol, the mocktails menu ensures that they have plenty of options that don't look like plain soft drinks.


With all of these benefits, it's no wonder that even newcomers soon find Asami Teppanyaki and decide to keep coming back for the duration of their trips. It offers everything a vacationer would want: An unforgettable experience with unique entertainment, delicious food, and options the whole family will love. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and have lunch or dinner. Soon, you'll be another lifetime fan, and refuse to settle for any generic "teppanyaki restaurant near me" listing again.

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