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Teppanyaki Gold Coast Surfers Paradise

Have Something Different: Go to a Teppanyaki Restaurant Surfers Paradise!

There are so many things to do in Surfers Paradise that it's hard to decide what really belongs on the can't-miss list. One thing that you should make sure you don't miss is the experience of a teppanyaki restaurant Surfers Paradise. At a teppanyaki restaurant, you don't just get excellent Japanese food. You get to see it prepared at your table by a chef who puts just as much effort into putting on a show as he does to create delicious food.


In this case, the show isn't separate from the food preparation. Instead, this is the part that is the entertainment. The teppanyaki Gold Coast Surfers Paradise chef's "tricks" with his knife and other tools will create unforgettable moments, and at the end, you are presented with your delicious meals. There are several menu options, too, so you can get everything from traditional Japanese food to perennial Australian favorites. Our banquets often combine the two so that the tastes of large groups can easily be met.


This is why people choose a teppanyaki restaurant Surfers Paradise over many other forms. Other restaurants can serve good food, but they won't wow you with how they make it. Most won't let you see them doing the cooking at all.


If you want to be part of a scene that you'd normally only see on a show about unique restaurants, you definitely want to experience teppanyaki Gold Coast Surfers Paradise. Here at Asami Teppanyaki, we cater to both residents and vacationers to make lunches and dinners truly special. We also have a cocktail bar that will amaze you with its choices, so even if you just want a drink, you can experience some of the fun and flair of our teppanyaki establishment.

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