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Surfers Paradise Restaurants

  Don't Miss Out on Surfers Paradise Restaurants

One of the best parts of any trip is checking out all of the restaurant options in the area. Surfers Paradise restaurants take many forms, and offer all sorts of different cuisines. In some cases, even cuisine types are broken down further, letting you check out different methods of preparation, restaurant styles, and more.


Japanese Surfers Paradise restaurants are perfect examples of this phenomenon. Not only do you have traditional sushi bars and hibachi grills, but teppanyaki restaurants as well. The teppanyaki is a form of solid grill that allows foods to be cooked right at your table. Since it's solid, it allows for more options than a hibachi. More importantly, it gives the chef the ability to perform a far more entertaining preparation and cooking process. The "tricks" the chef does with the food are a big part of the experience of dining at a teppanyaki Surfers restaurant.


Many Surfers Paradise restaurants also serve cocktails, but not all of them offer the wide variety of options found at Asami Teppanyaki, our Japanese Surfers Paradise establishment. Here, you can find traditional Japanese sake served hot or cold, a variety of Australian favorites, and some of our own cocktails. What makes our cocktail options unique is that we also serve a huge variety of cocktail-style non-alcoholic drinks, which we call Mocktails. These look just like regular fancy drinks, so there is no easy way for onlookers to tell what is (or isn't) in your glass.


Here at Asami, we also offer a good menu for children. This makes it so people of all ages can enjoy the show our teppanyaki chef performs as he prepares and cooks your meals. We also offer several banquet options, where enough food for the entire group is prepared at once. These typically combine seafood and land meats so that everyone's tastes can be met.


It's easy to find our Japanese Surfers Paradise restaurant. We're at the foot of the massive Q1 tower, one of the largest residential towers in the world. In the plaza area, you'll find plenty of shops to visit as well as our location. This makes Q1 a great stop for visitors to Surfers Paradise as well as for those who live in the tower and surrounding area.


The next time you get hungry, remember to experience our teppanyaki Surfers restaurant. You'll not only get great food and drinks, but a great show that you'll remember more than any movie or other form of entertainment. Stop in soon, and you'll see why local residents make a point of coming here often.

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