Image by Melissa Walker Horn

Eggs on Toast

Eggs on Toast- Serve with Grilled Tomatoes $7.90

with Avocado/Mushroom/Beans/Hash Brown $9.90

with Bacon or Smokes Salmon- $12.90

Image by John Baker

Egg Benedict

with witted spinach- $12.90

with Spinach, Mushroom- $15.90

with Spinach, Ham or Bacon- $17.90

with Spinach, Smoked Salmon- $15.90

Image by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron


French-  Eggs, Cream11.90

Aussie- Ham, Bacon, Sausage- $14.90

Norwegian- Smoke Salmon, Feta $14.90

Vegetarian- Mush, Spinach, Feta $14.90

Pinoy- Longanisa, Tomatoes- $14.90


All Day Breakfast

Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Toast, Grilled Tomatoes, Beans, Mushrooms- $14.90 



Maple Syrup- $12.90

Berry Compote- $15.90

Cream/Ice Cream- $15.90

Grilled Banana- $15.90